The club is closed until further notice, due to the government lock-down in force.

This will be reviewed as the government announces any new restrictions.

If you are interested in joining the club or visiting once the club is able to open, you can contact our Secretary and leave your details with us and we will contact you to let you know when we are opening again. For any enquiries,contact the secretary Ray Chubb.  Mobile: 07871 275258

Teignmouth Chess Club has existed continuously for over 120 years, having come through two World Wars, and is one of the friendliest clubs in Devon. The club meets on Tuesdays in the pleasant surroundings of the Alice Cross Centre from 6.30 p.m.. We are the only club that is open all year round and members are able to participate in E.C.F rated internal competitions and in the DCCA League and Torbay Chess League. The annual subscription for adults for FULL membership is £35.00, for CASUAL membership is £15.00, and Juniors (U16) £10.


There is a board fee of £3.00 per session and includes tea and Biscuits which is available through the evening'

It is also a requirement of the English Chess Federation, (not the club's) that, members who have full membership of chess clubs, have to apply to the E.C.F for minimum of a Bronze membership, in order to participate in internal competitions and matches. The club is happy to assist you in your personal application to the E.C.F and can apply on your behalf, if you so wish. Casual membership 'does not' require E.C.F membership, as the games are 'friendlies' and do not go for grading


Casual membership' does not guarantee you a game, it is a category where you take a 'chance on a spare player being available', for a 'friendly game' once the draw for the evenings competitions have been made, as competition games and matches take priority

The new season starts on 1st September and ends on 31st August. The first Club meeting for the new season is the first Tuesday in September. The Club's A.G.M is held at the end of May, after which the new round of internal competitions start, beginning with the Summer Tournament, which runs through to the start of the new season. We also participate in the Devon and Torbay chess leagues. We welcome anyone who wants to enjoy games of chess in comfortable surroundings, in a friendly atmosphere, our members range from beginners to those who play to a high standard, so there is something for everyone.

The Club runs six internal tournaments, these are the:

Championship                          Challengers                         Handicap

Knock-out                                 Rapidplay                             Summer Cup