A.G.M Minutes 2019

Minutes of the 117th Annual General Meeting of the Teignmouth Chess Club held at the Alice Cross Centre, Teignmouth on Tuesday 21th May 2019.


Present: W. H. Ingham (Chair), R. Chubb, D. Landricombe, A. Webster, K. Hayden-Saddler, M. Rickard, C. Doidge, M. White, Matt Glasson, Victoria Glasson, I. Henry, M. Hussey, D. Dawson.

Bill Ingham, Chairman, opened the Meeting by welcoming all, commenting that it only seemed like yesterday that that we had our last AGM. Risk Assessment and Fire escape procedures were reviewed. Muster points at rear and front of the Alice Cross Centre pointed out. First Aid was considered but not considered an issue. Insurance cover was discussed but as a non-commercial Club the Alice Cross Centre Public Liability cover would include the Chess Club Meetings.


1. Apologies for Absence:

Apologies were received from David Slough, Neil Perry and via Charles Doidge Norman Tidy (who hopes to re-join forthwith).


2. Approval of the Minutes of the AGM held on 29th May 2018:
The Minutes had been previously distributed to members. The Minutes were taken as read. Matt Glasson proposed and Mark Hussey seconded and the members present agreed the approval of the Minutes.

3. Matters arising from the AGM of 29th May 2018 not covered as an item of the 2019 Agenda:
There were none.

4.  President’s Report:
The year from his experience was a year of two halves, we started the year with 20 members up to the Xmas brake and this reduced to half from January 2019 on. It was a year where the Club had to dig into its finances and it became clear that something had to be done. An EGM was called and well attended where it was agreed unanimously by all those present, that £2.00 board fee and an optional £1.00 for tea and biscuits per Club evening be introduced. Bill thanked the Members for their continuing support of the Club.


5. Secretary’s Report:

The TBL and DCCA Annual General Meetings are coming up on the 6th June at Kingsbridge and the 7th of June, at Oxygen House, Exeter. Ray Chubb to attend TBL and Macey Rickard to attended DCCA.

At the DCCA AGM, the DCCA is proposing changing the Bremridge League Team format. Reducing the current 6 board teams to 5 or even 4, this was discussed at the recent DCCA Council Meeting. A proposal will be given at the AGM for adoption.The Teignmouth Club does not apply for ECF block membership. As membership is necessary for TBL and DCCA matches, member wishing to play in teams must renew individually. If anyone has a problem please talk to me about it?


6. Treasurer’s Report and Setting of Annual Membership Fees:

The Treasurer, David Landricombe reported that, the HSBC Account balance stood at £1430.92 2018/19 and at £1762.72 2017/18 showing an excess of expenditure over income of £331.08. David also spoke of a financial year of two halves, with the reduction of members since November 2018 producing a dip in Club evening incomes. He also drew attention to the new annual expenditure committed in purchasing a Wix web site and associated “Teignmouth Chess Club” domain name. It was agreed as the annual fee had already been paid we would continue to use the website. Any income from the long running Teignmouth Rapidplay Chess Congress cannot now be counted on as with the cancellation of the 2019 Congress which was due to insufficient entries. David thanked Alan Webster for banking all the tea monies, while he was not attending the Club. Charles Doidge proposed and Michael seconded the adoption of the accounts, this was carried by a show of hands. The President thanked David for all his work and the excellent presentation of the accounts.


The Annual Membership Fee is to remain at £35 per member (£10 for juniors) with a board fee of £2.00 and an optional £1.00 for tea and biscuits.


7. Team Captains and League Fixtures Report 2018/19:

Alan Webster, team coordinator, reported that although we had fewer players than last year, we managed to enter teams in 4 divisions and complete all of our commitments apart from 2 matches where we could not field a team. The odds were stacked against us due to our modest grades and this was particularly the case in the TCL Premier division, where division 1 and 2 had been merged. However, we had some good results in the DCCA matches and we came joint first with Newton Abbot in the Schofield division.

Torbay Chess League Table Results.

Division                       Played             Points              For                   Against

TCL Premier               6          0                      3.5                   20.5

TCL Div4                     8          0                      4.5                   27.5


Jamie Glasson played for the first time for Teignmouth in the Div. 4 league matches and won 2 games out of 3 which was an outstanding result, and Jamie wins the best team player trophy this year. Thanks to everyone who took part, and especially to those who provided transport for the teams. Full details can be found on the league fixtures page of our website. Both the TCL and DCCA used the ECF League Management System to publish the results. You can Google TCL LMS and DCCA LMS to get the full details which include player statistics.


Torbay Chess League:

Ian Henry, Premier Team Captain reported that in the Premier League we played 6 matches and lost 6. Ian thanked his team players for their support against significant stronger Clubs. Dorothy Dawson, Division 4 Captain reported that in the 4 league we played 8 lost 8. Knock-out. Semi-final beat TBGS 3.5 to 2.5 then lost in final to Newton Abbot by 5 games to 1. Both Ian and Dorothy thanked their team players for their continuing support against significantly stronger clubs throughout the season.


Devon County Chess Association League Table Results:

The club had had some good results in the DCCA matches and we came joint first, with Newton Abbot in the Schofield division.

Division                       Played             Points              For                   Against

DCCA Moyle              4          1                      4.5                   11.5    

DCCA Schofield        4          6                      8.5                   7.5

T.C.L. & D.C.C.A. Knock-out Report:

Alan Webster reported that in the TCL Knockout competition we beat TBGS in the semi-final but were beaten by 5 games to 1 by Newton Abbot in the final.  In the DCCA Knockout we were drawn against Newton Abbot who beat us by 5 games to 3.

The President thanked Ian Henry and Dorothy Dawson and Alan Webster, for their endeavor against teams that were out grading us on every board and called for a round of applause for Ian Henry and Dorothy Dawson. Those present stood and applauded.


8 Rapidplay Congress Secretary’s Report:

There was no Congress held. It was cancelled a week before due, owing to insufficient entries (28).


9. Election of Officers 2019-2020:
The following Officers and Committee members were elected:
President:                                                      Bill Ingham (for eighth year).

Secretary:                                                      Ray Chubb (for twenty fourth year).
Treasurer:                                                      David Landricombe (for fourth year).
Club Competitions Secretary:                     Matt Glasson (for first year).
Rapidplay Congress Secretary:                  Vacant. Future of Congress uncertain.

Representatives to Torbay League:           Bill Ingham
Representative to DCCA:                            Macey Rickard                      

Archivist:                                                       Tim Landricombe (continue in the very short term)

Match Fixtures Secretary:                           Michael White (for first year) for DCCA league teams and Knock-out. Also TBL Knock-out.

Torbay League:

Team Captain Div. 2 or 3                               Ian Henry

Team captain Div. 4                                      Dorothy Dawson

Knockout                                                        Michael White

DCCA League:

Team Captain Div. 2   Mamhead                   Bill Ingham       

Team Captain Div. 4   Moyle                          Dorothy Dawson

Knockout                                                         Michael White


Web Master:                                                    Raymond Chubb

10. Outline Program for 2018/2019 Season:

From the 4th of September (note that DCCA Congress is in this week) to the 17th of December 2019, then the 7th of January to the 28th. May 2020.

AGM o be held on the Tuesday 26th. May 2020.

11. Competitions Secretary’s Report and Review of Internal Competitions:

Summer Cup:

15 players took part and a total of 64 games were played.  Bill Ingham wins with 10 victories from 10 games.  Michael White, Mike Hussey and Charles Doidge are equal second with 7 points each.


Bill Ingham wins with 9.5 points from 10 games and Charles Doidge is runner up with 4.5 points from 9 games.


12 players took part and a total of 46 games were played. Ray Chubb wins with 8 points from 10 games and Ken Hayden-Saddler is runner up with 6 points.


A total of 16 players took part and Bill Ingham and Ian Henry met in the final, which was won by Bill.


The Handicap proved to be the best competition, with several players of a mixture of strengths in with a chance until the final stages of the competition.  A total of 54 games were played by 18 players.

Charles Doidge and Michael White finished in joint first with 11.5 points and Charles will receive the cup as he beat Michael in their individual handicap game against each other, with Alan Webster and Jamie Glasson close behind on 11.4 and 11.2 points respectively.

Rapid Play:

The trophy goes to Charles Doidge. Players should arrange to play their rapid Play games when their games finish early.

Most Improved Player:

It was a difficult decision as most of us had mixed results during the season, and the trophy this year goes to Ian Henry.  

Best Team Player:

Jamie Glasson


12. Competition structure for next season:

Depending on the number of active members we intend to enter the top third (by ECF 1st July 2019 grade) in the Championship all play all twice and toss for colour first game, switch colour second game. The remainder will be entered in the Challengers, all play all once, predetermined colour for each game averaging B/W 50/50 overall for each player. The Handicap competition will be similar to last year but will have a cap of 12 games per player to even out the variation in number of games played. This competition and Rapidplay will start at the same time as the Summer Cup on 4th June and will be based on July 2019 ECF Grades.

The Summer Cup will be as previous years.

For the Knockout we will encourage players to arrange their own fixtures once they know their next opponent to avoid the “logjam” we had this year.


13. Cross-tables, Website and ECF Grading Submissions:

The tables are also promptly updated on our website.  We hope members will visit the website at least once a week to check their most recent game result  in the weekly results and let Bill know of any errors or omissions, as this is the raw data for the cross-tables and the ECF grading submissions.  The website Notice board is also useful means of communicating with members. Bill submits game results to the ECF for grading at the end of each quarter and it takes the ECF about one month to get the details added to your history. The President said that the T.C.C. web site has a lot of interesting information, and once seen, one would ask, why one has not referred to it earlier. The President said that Alan Webster has taken Club Competitions up to the next level the work that he has done has been fantastic the meeting gave Alan a standing round of applause in recognition and gratitude for all he has done.


14. Presentation of Cups and Trophies 2017 – 18:
Michael Hussey, deputising for Alan Webster, announced the trophy winners and making the presentations to the winners as follows:

Championship   - 1st       Bill Ingham                          Presented Cup trophy

Challengers       - 1st       Ray Chubb                          Presented Cup trophy

Knockout           - 1st       Bill Ingham                          Presented Cup trophy
Handicap           - 1st       Charles Doidge                  Presented Cup trophy

Rapidplay          - 1st       Charles Doidge                  Presented Cup trophy

Summer             - 1st       Bill Ingham                         Presented Cup trophy

Best Team Player          Jamie Glasson                    Presented Shield trophy

Most improved Player.   Ian Henry                           Presented Cup trophy


15. Summer Tournament: open to non club members with discretion:

Michael Hussey is to run the Summer Tournament to start in two weeks time following the AGM. The Summer Tournament will be the same format as last year with a cap of 12 games. All games will be submitted to the ECF for grading.

£1.00 tea and biscuits and a £2.00 board, fee plus £5.00 joining fee for non Teignmouth club members.


16. A. O. B.

The President asked each member present in turn if they had any A.O.B.

Charles Doidge asked about access to the ACC and the key Holders. The key holders for access to the Alice Cross Centre and the main door key safe were discussed and instructions given. With Alan Webster retiring from the Club due to health reasons, his key would be passed to Ray Chubb. David Landricombe also gave up his key holding, due to not currently being able to attend Club meetings, his key would be temporarily passed to Michael Hussey during the summer tournament

Dorothy Dawson raised possibility of Trinity School Chess Club and TCC working together. Mike Hussey as a past Master at Trinity School said he would follow it up.

Dorothy Dawson asked about a Club Advertising poster. The Club does have one and it is posted in the Teignmouth and Dawlish Club publicity places (libraries/Pavilion). Dorothy asked for a copy to be sent to her for Teignmouth Oracle. (RWC to send a copy of it to Dorothy)

Charles Doidge suggested that the Club should have a 15 minute tuition session on Club evenings. After some consideration it was thought not practical.  As a 15 minute session would at least engulf 40 minutes. However WHI suggested that a full Club evening during the winter would be possible. Matt and Victoria Glasson would endeavor to arrange a Wednesday evening session during the summer at their home, tutored by Trefor Thynne. An appropriate fee would have to be paid by attendees.

Alan Webster said how much he appreciated the friendship of the Club and gave his best wishes for the Club in the future. He said it had been difficult but he had managed to wait until the end of the Club year before he would leave. On behalf of the Club WHI thanked Alan who has been a very good servant to the Club and wished him as good of health as possible and said he would always be welcome to the Club, and have a game and/or a cup of tea.


The President thanked everyone for attending the Annual General Meeting and declared the Meeting Closed.

Meeting was closed at 10.12 p.m.

Signed: President: Bill Ingham and Secretary: Ray Chubb         6/07/2019